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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Today marks the last day of the World Shoes Association Show. This year, Bubblegummers, was on the show too, at Mandalay Bay's Convention Center, Level 1, Booth 24177.

We already mentioned this K's! client in a previous post, which you can read by clicking here.

The special mention of the WSA event is because we worked with the brand by doing some illustrations that they used to decorate their stand.

Karin del Castillo (the USA sales representative), the person with whom we started working in the development and re-design of Amy, Tim and Cat started planning this and teamed-up with us in late December.

She briefed us about the importance of the event, showed us the new models that would be shown in the stand and the thematic orientation of the stand's decoration. There'd be 2 motifs: Space and Arcades, which are closely related to the new shoe models. Horacio came up with some cool ideas in the meeting about the space theme, and the client was hooked into it also.

Working for corporate clients requires besides taking care of the art and characters, on putting extra care and attention to their product and brand. So in short, we have to be careful to stay on-model when illustrating the shoes, based in photographs, or sometimes in prototypes that were handed.

Alex Palomares developed both illustrations. The main challenge with this was that the work would be blown up to almost 8 feet height, so having this in mind we'd have to be extra careful with the line quality in the final art.

Tonatiuh and Mariana did an excellent job by cleaning and retouching Alex's art. Mariana also was of vital importance to speed up the process by aiding us in the making of the flat colors.

The work was delivered and finally sent to the US for printing. Hope we have some pics of the show, of BG's stand and the freebies that were handed to the visitors of the show based on our character designs, to share with you next week. :-)


The WSA Show is the largest and most comprehensive footwear and related accessories show in the world. Its twice-yearly show in Las Vegas pulls in more than 36,000+ participants and nearly 1,600 exhibitors who represent the cream of the footwear manufacturing industry. In short, WSA is the ultimate must-attend market for the multi-billion dollar footwear industry.

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