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Monday, January 15, 2007


Among the best friends from the comic book world we are lucky to have François between them. We admire his work, because he's one of the few master comic book artists in the whole world.

François is a French artist who is best known for his work along with writer Alejandro Jodorowsky and for his stand-alone series Gerome Moucherot. François work has been published in America in several translations of his albums and through Heavy Metal magazine. In recent years, he has been trying out as an sculptor... an he is so GOOD in it, also.

We have known François since almost 10 years ago, he was even one of the special guests we had at Utopia 2003, the comic book convention we organized then, receiving the Silver Inkpen Award (La Plumilla de Plata).

Last week we were fortunate enough that the French Culture Department and the French Embassy in Mexico invited our good friend to Mexico once again so he could promote the art of the Bande Dessineé of France. We assisted last week to the opening of an exhibition of his work at the Museo de la Caricatura, in downtown Mexico City; amazed as always for his impeccable watercolors, storytelling and that extraordinary feeling and presence that is always in the eyes of the characters he draws.

Perhaps we get along so well, because he is a passionate person of what he does... DRAWING, as he says it.

Over the last weekend we had François for a special evening in the Studio, where we shared a 'Bisteciza' with him and Natalie, a Canadian ex-TV presenter who met François some years back by interviewing him.

The food came out just amazing! Delicious!

François talked with us for hours and we had the chance to speak with him about Mexico, it's culture, the way comic book will probably develop in the few years, not only in Mexico, but the world. about the artist, the way one can't complete himself but through working constantly, always developing new challenges, and always enjoying what we do.

It is the first time in all these years of relation with him that he had come to the Studio and he was pretty amazed by the way we work; the speed in which we can work and come up with new ideas, projects. Natalie, was amazed by the way the team is formed, the friendship behind the professional relation of every K! member.

It is possible that next time we see François around it will be in France.

So, we'll keep working harder to achieve that.

À bientôt!


Patrick said...

I'm a big fan of Boucq.His imagination his drawftmanship are really really impressive,and I wish I saw this exhibit about his work.He his so prolific it's incredible when you look at the complexity of his work.And above all I love the surrealism he put in his work.And it's very interresting to compare "Bouncer"his western series
with Moebius and"blueberry",And the way those two two artist treat the American landscape.To end, there is a short story he drew about giants turtles in one of his album ,that I truly adore and translate to all my friend.Thankyou for this post it was nice visiting your blog and also look at your work.Take care

Mauricio Cosío said...


We are also big fans of François' work. One thing that always have captivated me from his art is the look in the characters' eyes. They possess all that feeling and soul in them.

His characters have a 'weight' that provides surrounds them with a special atmosphere.

François is always on the move and never ceases to train his own eye towards his drawing ability.

It also, amazes us, that besides his artistic quality, he's a great friend too. :-)