Friday, March 07, 2014

BenQ Flicker-free / Low Blue Light

This is a video we did for Benq Latam to promote their new product, Flicker-free and Low Blue Light screens.

Art and Edition: ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio S.A. de C.V.
Sound and Voices: Locura & Media Producciones A.C.
Music: Rodrigo Favela

Sentimientos de la Nación

These are some pages of a comic book we did for an association that promoted the anniversary of the Mexican historic document "Sentimientos de la Nación". 

Script: Susy Romero

Qué Onda con México (What's Up with Mexico)

These are a few illustrations we did last year for a company that promotes voting among young people.

Pencils: Mariana Moreno

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


This are some illos for BG such as: posters, P.O.P material (Point Of Purchase) and different applications for defferent seasons.

 Pencils & Inks: Alejandro Palomares
Color: Tonatiuh Rocha



A group of illos for the Hotel company Grupo Posadas de Mexico's internal magazine "Check In" back in 2005-6 in wich I had to give some advices for their workers on how to treat clients in a proper way and how to act in certain situations, wich they liked alot because they wanted sort of a comic book line to entertain and educate their working members.

Pencils & Inks: Alejandro Palomares
Color: Mauricio Cosío 


This is the first of two posters we developed for Expo Robotica, an event that we are part of, which promotes the benefits of technology applied to industry and every day life. A very fun and interesting event to attend to.

We designed two versions to be used for different targets, one for adults and the other one focused for young audiences.

The adult version is more sober and emblematic, which expresses the connection between Man and machine (or technology and spirit), working in a perfect balance.
The second poster is a little more fun, to attract and amuse the young fellas. 

Art: Mariana Moreno & Alejandro Palomares
Character Designs ( Nidmek): Mariana Moreno
Color: Tonatiuh Rocha 
Design: Mauricio Cosío


This are two proposal illos I did for Sony Pictures to promote Christmas Dvd's new releases during 2005, but they never used them.

Sketch: Alejandro Palomares
Color & Design: Mauricio Cosío 



A few years ago, back in 2006, we did a comic book for "Secretaria de Desarrollo Social" "SEDESOL" and "Consejo de la Comunicación A.C." for which 5 million copies were printed (2007) and distributed for low income families in rural zones to reinforce family values and unify them.

Pencils: Mariana Moreno
Inks and Designs: Alejandro Palomares
Color; Tonatiuh Rocha


This are the covers for the CD's of Supermovidos, a project that promotes social consciousness in the cities to have a more respectful and joyful place to live. This client wanted us to develop this character called Peatoni-K, a girl with super-speed ability that uses her talents and rightfulness to fight against crime and bad social habits.

We also did the backs for this audio CD's, which we'll show you later on.

Art: Alejandro Palomares
Color & design: Mauricio Cosío

Check out the new site we created for this project: SUPERMOVIDOS.


The play "Mentiras" is now playing at theaters in Mexico. It represents the media and music at the 80's in a funny and entertaining way. These illustrations were done for its publicity campaign, we were asked to cartoon the starring actresses in a Roy Lichtenstein's style. 

Pencils and Inks: Horacio Sandoval
Color: Tonatiuh Rocha