We are a Mexican publishing house and creative studio founded in 1994 by Will Eisner Award winner, Oscar Gonzalez Loyo, along with his wife, Susana Romero, and his father, Oscar Gonzalez Guerrero. We're specialized in family and children-oriented comic books, contents, publicity mascots, storyboards, motion comics, graphic design, animation, scripts and edutainment products for both digital and printed platforms.

Our career includes collaborations and titles with companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Bongo Comics-The Simpsons, Televisa-Sesame Street, Warner Bros-Looney Tunes, Blue Demon Jr., Right Stuff Inc.-Astroboy, Bubble Gummers, Coqueta & Audaz, Disney Mexico, among many others.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Greetings from Ka-boom! Studio...

After so many obstacles and false starts, we begin the year with excellent news: we now have a new ally who will support us with Karmatron's relaunch from issue number 6 and other projects from K!, At last it seems our dream is being concreted, and if everything goes right we'll be able to publish several works from our Studio, nevertheless, even-though we already count with an ally's support and soon we'll activate our publications, this won't guarantee its permanence, so taking advantage of you once again, since we have always had your unconditional support, in these moments we need more than ever all your help in order that this relaunch won't be another false start, the needed help consists on the following:

The reactivation of the ones who already have been K! Promoters.

_Pass on the news about our comic book being soon published in order to reencounter our old readers from the classic era who never knew about Karmatron's new edition, and above all, promote the comic ,under your possibilities, among those of your acquaintances who had never read our stories.

_Help the K! promoters who are close to your locations to contact more people and points of purchase.

_ Tell all your known Karmareaders and all contacted people to write us so we can update our databases since many of our friends have changed their addresses and phone numbers.

As a first stage we'll use our own K! resources to distribute the comic:

_K! promoters.

_Points of purchase with direct contact (comic book stores, bookstores and other stores).


_Events and conferences

If anyone would like to support us by becoming a K! Promoter or K! Supervisor without taking any of your time from your normal occupations, or if you'd like to know about a determined point of purchase or K! Promoter who is located close to you, you can communicate with our Traffic Manager, Lalo Mendoza, who can advise you about anything related to comic book shipments and receptions by calling to these numbers: (+5255) 5562 58 46 / (+5255) 5572 62 45, cellphone: 04455 36542399 or you can write to him to estudio@ka-boom.com.mx with a copy to karmatron@ka-boom.com.mx

Lalo will get in touch with the already activated K! Promoters.

So now you know, we're about to publish it again from issue number 6 and we thank you all your support, since as and independent publishing house in our country, we have had to elude many obstacles and troubles, which have been almost solved.

That's why I ask you to be in constant contact with us through our e-mail or visit us at www.ka-boom.com.mx where at the "Ka-Boom! Informa" (Ka-Boom! informs you) news section we'll announce the official news about the comic's publication.

The ones who yet don't have the first five issues and the Kundalini Manual, you can get them directly with us, for that, remember you can write to Lalo Mendoza at: estudio@ka-boom.com.mx

On other side, I invite you to my Blog Emelkin where I also keep you informed about what professionally and personally happens to us.

And at Sketch Book you'll find all of my work since 1974.

And listen to our internet radio program: ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio Una explosión de la Imaginación (Ka-boom! Studio An imagination's explosion) through Katún Media all Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. In order to communicate with each other, you can write to us through the station's instant messenger: katunmedia@hotmail.com

Thank you very much for all your support and we shall keep in touch, and it's so good to re-contact old friends.

Oscar González Loyo


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