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Sunday, April 08, 2007


This text was written by Oscar González Loyo, after this year Karmatron's celebration, and was published originally in his blog.


Yesterday was one of the most wonderful days related to Karmatron and my fans because, just as last year, some of my readers came from different parts of the country only to celebrate Karma's birthday. They came form Reynosa, Puebla, Sonora, Zacatecas, Cozumel, Manzanillo, Michoacan and, of course, from Mexico City, besides we counted with Javier Rivero's presence, our beloved friend and wonderful dubbing actor. Also, Dulce Leyva and her group "La Sociedad Mágica" (The Magical Society) joined us.

In this occasion, the celebration was different than the one last year because we did it in a more personal and home-made way. The reunion was done at the Studio, being this even more important due to the fact that that was the last Saturday we spent at that house. Tomorrow or Tuesday we will be living in a new site of operations situated just a few steps ago from the Base-Studio where everything began... our dear Alteña 1.

The celebration was great, and I, personally, as well as Susy and the rest of the K!'s, were moved by the fact of all of our dear friends coming from such far away places to celebrate a character's birthday, which, every time I get more convinced, that took a very important part in their lives because it truly takes a lot of interest to travel, I repeat, from such far away places in order to celebrate a comic cartoon character's birthday. This reunion was organized by the Karma-list members from Yahoo-Groups, and I think my son Saday, along with Carlos Bargalló, had a lot to do with it. In this event, we officially agreed that all of the people who follow our cause are real Ka-boomers! It's not necessary to be a writer or an artist, and I told them that if we could prosper, ¡Ka-Boom! Studio would be at their service unconditionally.

Saday, using his newly acquired knowledge at the Cuisine School, cooked us some delicious mushroom-stuffed snacks...some K!s and friends form "La Sociedad Mágica" joined the club, the only thing that went wrong is that they ate all of the snacks and they never reached their original destination, he he he.

After the reunion and having drawn some sketches for the guests, at night, we cut cakes and ate vanilla ice-cream to say farewell since some of them had to return to their origin places and others had personal night events.

This is how we spent our last Saturday at the Studio located at Lomas de Cristy, where we spent many wonderful years with its sad and happy moments, but we shall always remember them with love, ready to start another adventure to infinity and beyond...

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