We are a Mexican publishing house and creative studio founded in 1994 by Will Eisner Award winner, Oscar Gonzalez Loyo, along with his wife, Susana Romero, and his father, Oscar Gonzalez Guerrero. We're specialized in family and children-oriented comic books, contents, publicity mascots, storyboards, motion comics, graphic design, animation, scripts and edutainment products for both digital and printed platforms.

Our career includes collaborations and titles with companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Bongo Comics-The Simpsons, Televisa-Sesame Street, Warner Bros-Looney Tunes, Blue Demon Jr., Right Stuff Inc.-Astroboy, Bubble Gummers, Coqueta & Audaz, Disney Mexico, among many others.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


¡Ka-Boom! Estudio was born in 1994 out of the necessity to professionalize the activities of our creative group in the comic, the illustration, the animation and the graphic design media, directing this last one to the field of fantasy and science-fiction.
Our artistic group has been in the comic book field for many years, promoting and being an artistic vein from which some of the medium’s great professionals have been born. In fact, the real activities of the Studio began since 1974, although we were not as organized as we are now in those years. Going back into the past, along with my father, Oscar González Guerrero, I shared with the artists and painters of his time the secrets that were revealed during the Bohemian afternoons in the cafeterias and restaurants that the cartoonist old guard frequented.

Following his example, I shared not only with the artists of my generation, but with all my readers, the drawing tips that somehow could help to establish the basis to everyone with that hidden ability and that somehow were looking for professional guidance. For this, as many know, I used my Karmatrón y los Transformables comic book as a spokesman and as a mass medium. And so we carried on till I met Susy Romero. In her, I found an ability that is rare among women in the medium; her professional participation and ethics; her psychological knowledge of the audience we dedicate our work to and her attitude before the medium and for the medium, all of the above make of her an essential person to our Company. Her support, in spite of turbulent times, has been unconditional and this is something that can rate our Group, as you’ll see ahead.

When Susy joined the cause, she started giving script tips and to refine the ideas of new values. It is like this that in 1994 we started giving shape to our Studio. Readers who wished to work professionally in this art form started to come: artists, scriptwriters, colorists, designers, illustrators, programmers, etc.
In the present moment, many of our former readers are members of Ka-Boom! studio, during all these years they have followed our career supporting it, as I said before, unconditionally. It is thanks to them that there’s still a flame ignited as a last breath for our industry to spring up again with new determination and in a new concept: as an art.
K! has matured and has consolidated in regard to its members and professionalism, since that time they have been depurating in a natural way: people with other expectations have walked past our Group and have left since they did not share the same philosophy and could not endure our way and rhythm of work. The ones who have stayed are just the ones whom the blows and sorrows have not dented their ideals and on the contrary, have tempered their spirit by fighting for a common cause and whom I call: Argonauts, this has allowed us to grow in every aspect, materializing what once started as a dream.

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