We are a Mexican publishing house and creative studio founded in 1994 by Will Eisner Award winner, Oscar Gonzalez Loyo, along with his wife, Susana Romero, and his father, Oscar Gonzalez Guerrero. We're specialized in family and children-oriented comic books, contents, publicity mascots, storyboards, motion comics, graphic design, animation, scripts and edutainment products for both digital and printed platforms.

Our career includes collaborations and titles with companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Bongo Comics-The Simpsons, Televisa-Sesame Street, Warner Bros-Looney Tunes, Blue Demon Jr., Right Stuff Inc.-Astroboy, Bubble Gummers, Coqueta & Audaz, Disney Mexico, among many others.

Monday, October 29, 2018


These are some images we did in collaboration with our friend and sports announcer, Aaron Soriano, for the Major League 2018 of the ONEFA (National Organization of Student American Football) Mexico. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dino Dunk

Last year, US company Twin City Games commissioned some Dinosaur artwork for its new dexterity board game DINO DUNK!

By mid July 2018, DINO DUNK was released at the Origins Game Fair at Columbus Ohio, and here are some pics from the event!

Also, thank you so much, Twin City Games, for sending some samples for our studio!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Disney-Marvel-Lucas Fan Art

Just some exercises Mariana Moreno did back in 2014. 

Nikola Tesla: Yours is the Future

We'd like to thank Miguel A Delgado for including Mariana Moreno's ‪Nikola Tesla‬ fan art in the exhibition "Nikola Tesla: Suyo es el Futuro" held in Madrid, Spain, from November 13th 2014 to February 15th 2015. PLEASE, go check out the photo gallery of this AMAZING exhibition at http://hipertextual.com/20…/…/nikola-tesla-exposicion-madrid

Mexican Buddhism / Budismo Mexicano

A commission done in 2016.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Dino Dunk

This is a commissioned artwork done for Twin City Games.. Dino Dunk! A dexterity board game for kids. Its first copies will be available this summer at Origins Game Fair (June13-18 2018), at Columbus, Ohio! Don't miss it! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tesla's Ambassadors

Our most recent collaboration with Nikola Tesla's FB fan page Tesla's Ambassadors. Feel free to join and get to know the life and work of this wonderful genius.

Nuestra más reciente colaboración con la página de fans de Nikola Tesla: Tesla's Ambassadors. Siéntanse libres de unirse y conocer la vida y obra de este increíble genio.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Karmatron is back!

We're so happy at Ka-Boom! Estudio right now! Why? Because after several years of struggling with so many obstacles, defeats and despairs, we've finally found the right ally with whom we've published Oscar González Loyo's and our main comic book title Karmatron.

This comic book was first published back in the late 80's, reaching almost 100,00 readers in Mexico, but due to a distribution boycott, it was taken off the market. As independent artists, we've found it really difficult to print it again (in a new edition) in our country, but we never gave up our hopes.

Now, after so many years of hard work, it has come to the light again, but we can't say "mission accomplished" yet, there's still a looong way to go. This is only the very first spark of a chain of events that hopefully will benefit the Mexican comic book and entertainment industry, as well as open possibilities of collaboration with people both from our country as well as from abroad.

Ka-Boom! Estudio TV interview

Oscar González Loyo and Mariana Moreno were interviewed on November 4th at Mexican TV Show "Creadores Universitarios" (University Creatives). Special thanks to all the production's members for the invitation!

Basically, they were asked to speak about the intimate relationship comic books and animation share, as well as the process of designing a character.

Monday, October 13, 2014

BAMX Pin-ups

These are a couple of pin-ups we recently did in collaboration with BAMX (Mexican Food Storehouse).

Left: Pencils & Inks - Alejandro Palomares 
           Color - Tonatiuh Rocha

Right: Pencils, Inks & Color - Mariana Moreno

Thursday, September 18, 2014


This is one of our most recent collaborations with our friend, sports commentator and announcer, Aaron Soriano. It's a promotional video we did for his audiovisual productions company, Condesa TV.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Madrid, Spain

We're very happy to share these photos that were kindly sent to us by the Instituto Quevedo del Humor, which, along with Penguin Random House Editorial Group, organized the exhibition "Los Viernes de Quino" (Fridays of Quino) as part of the Book Fair of Madrid.

In this exhibition, the strip in which Mayi (Mariana Moreno's character) does a homage to Argentinian character Mafalda (http://ka-boom.com.mx/kronikas/mayi/lang/es/2011/03/estilo-sudamericano-south-american-style/) appeared.

It was a great honor to share a space with artists of such careers, talent and size like Master Rruizte, Adriana Mosquera, Jesús Zulet, Darío Adanti, Vanesa Bertolini, Rafael Clemente, Joaquín Reyes, Carla Berrocal, Angelines San José, Diego Doblas, Jorge Martínez (Lloyy), Jimina Sabadú, Borja Crespo & Carlos Matera (Matt), JM Nieto (ABC), Idígoras & Pachi, Ramón, Tute, Elrich, Enrique, Sciammarella, Forges, among many others.

We'd like to thank Master Rafael Ruiz Tejada (Rruizte), to the people of the Instituto Quevedo del Humor, Penguin Random House Editorial Group and the Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá for making this possible.

Mexico, present!

You can read and see the complete photo review at http://www.iqh.es/novedades/finalizan-con-gran-exito-los-viernes-de-quino

Madrid, España

Estamos muy contentos de compartir estas fotos que amablemente nos enviaron del Instituto Quevedo del Humor que, junto con el Grupo Editorial Penguin Random House, organizaron la exposición "Los Viernes de Quino" dentro de la Feria del Libro de Madrid, en donde la tira en la que Mayi (Personaje de Mariana Moreno) hace homenaje a Mafalda (http://ka-boom.com.mx/kronikas/mayi/lang/es/2011/03/estilo-sudamericano-south-american-style/) apareció como parte de dicha exposición.

Todo un honor haber compartido un espacio con artistas de la talla, talento y trayectoria como el Maestro Rruizte, Adriana Mosquera, Jesús Zulet, Darío Adanti, Vanesa Bertolini, Rafael Clemente, Joaquín Reyes, Carla Berrocal, Angelines San José, Diego Doblas, Jorge Martínez (Lloyy), Jimina Sabadú, Borja Crespo y Carlos Matera (Matt), JM Nieto (ABC), Idígoras y Pachi, Ramón, Tute, Elrich, Enrique, Sciammarella, Forges, entre muchos otros.

Muchas gracias al maestro Rafael Ruiz Tejada (Rruizte), a las personas de Instituto Quevedo del Humor, el Grupo Editorial Penguin Random House y la Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá por haber hecho esto posible

¡México, presente!

Friday, March 07, 2014


This is a video we did for Benq Latam to promote their new product, Flicker-free and Low Blue Light screens.

Art and Edition: ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio S.A. de C.V.
Sound and Voices: Locura & Media Producciones A.C.
Music: Rodrigo Favela


These are some pages of a comic book we did for an association that promoted the anniversary of the Mexican historic document "Sentimientos de la Nación". 

Script: Susy Romero